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a northern province, and has taliban strongholds in the tribal areas. he's demanding nato supply routes be closed. >> translation: i will raise the issue monday in the national assembly. the nato supply line should be blocked. we will not allow nato supply lines until they stop the drone attacks. >> many people in the pakistani government, military and intelligence agencies are pleased with hakimullah mehsud's death. during his time as leader he was responsible for carrying out several main attacks costing thousands of lives, but he was open to peace talks with the government, and that is threatened as the taliban threatens to avenge his death. >> a 2-year rebellion in the democratic republic of congo could be coming to an end after the m23 group called for a ceasefire. it began after a series of mewettinees north and south kibal. they were supposed to be part of the national army under a peace deal signed on march 23rd 2009. which is how the group got their name. >> they gained attention because it was supported by rwanda, which they have denied. troops found mass graves close to the b
nato russian missile defense, you could actually make it in that sense further relationship. then perhaps even washington and moscow. i think their primary responsibility to lead our nuclear rucks, maybe there is a conversation to be had between the two capitals, perhaps britain, france, and china, as to how they might make some commitments to nuclear arms control. i will stop at that point, and back to you. >> yesterday, a friend of mine presented me with a wonderful record which is called "three tenors" and they were singing with susm synchronicity, i thought, maybe we can do this thing. with nicoli playing the role -- okes aside, i would say that both tom and steve have interesting arguments. i will start with economy, because it is something that we need to address, and we are addressing. there is a community that has 20-plus sub groups that are co-chaired by people on both sides on the ministerial level, and these commissions are working to get better conditions to encourage business -- countries to work together. which is good. we are working also on improving the l re
of the process. north-west province wants to block nato routes into thailand. >> this man said he shouldn't have come to work today. he said he can't afford it stay home. he fears reprisal attacks by the pakistan taliban after the u.s. killedize leaders hakimullah mehsud in an unmanned aerial drone strike. >> translation: people stopped coming to market. we are afraid the taliban will attack us. i don't know what to do. >> fears are based on personal experience. the storyteller's market has been attacked several times by the taliban. his uncle last month was killed. the taliban threatened too avenge the death, saying every drop of the former leaders blood will be turned into a suicide bomber. beside fear, that's anger. interior minister blamed the u.s. for destroying the peace process with the pakistani taliban. >> you have scuttled it on the eve of the day, a day before, 18 hours before a formal delegation of respected group of religious leaders was to fly out. >> other political parties wanted more than angry words. the border is in the tribal area. they demand that nato supply routes to afgha
that were launched last week. a political party wants to block nato supply routs into afghanistan. >> officials in france are condemning the killings of two reporters. they were kidnapped, shot and had their throats cut. they had been warned that their trip to the west african nation was dangerous. >> no one knows who took them and and why they were killed. ghislaine dupont and claud verlon worked for radio france internationale. ghislaine dupont and claud verlon were found dead a few kilometres away from kidal. the tuareg rebel leader they interviewed before being abducted describes what happened. >> translation: i heard an unusual noise in the street. their car was parked in front of my house, about 10 metres interest the door. i went out to see what was happening. once i got to the door i saw a car, a pick-up next to theirs. there was a mon on the ground with a weapon. he pointed at me and said, "go back inside, go back." i went in, afterwards they took off with the two journalists, leaving in a hurry. >> an official statement in paris said the french military warned the journa
everybody else is doing it too. they claim some of the information came from nato allies, not u.s. spying. greece has admitted to spying on the u.s. and others in the 1990's at the hearing. james clapper made it clear the u.s. is in good company. >> you believe that the allies have conducted or at any time any type of espionage activity against the united states of america, our intelligence service leaders or otherwise? >> absolutely. >> he said the white house was aware the n.s.a. oversees eavesdropping all along, but may not have known specifics. >> russian leaders denying reports of spying on overseas leaders. they are accused of passing out bugged gift bags at last months g-20 summit. the report by two italian newspapers say delegates were given memory sticks and phone chargers equipped with spyware. it's unclear how many leaders received the bags or used the free bees. >> edward snowden can earn a ticket out of russia if he testifies about spying. germany are investigating reports the u.s. tapped their chancellors phone. snowden is wanted in the u.s. for revealing n.s.a. secrets. ger
talks. the u.s. and n.a.t.o. troops withdraw from afghanistan next year. this is the fourth such meeting designed to bring stability to the region. >>> the syrian government said it will be attending the proposed two-peace conference meanwhile the hundreds fled the violence as the violence continues. >> reporter: spending a second day in damascus. the geneva two peace conference was thrown into doubt last week when rebel groups not only vowed to boycott it but to attack any who decide to attend. >> we are preparing for geneva two peace talks, and it will be the syrian parties who will decide the transitional period and what follows the transitional period. >> reporter: state television announced that brahini was told that the bashar al-assad government would be attending. but those in defiance said no negotiations will take place unless assad steps down first. >>> meanwhile on the ground the continued fighting is forcing more and more families to flee. close to the capital, hundreds of people picked up belongings they could and took off in foot in search of a place, any place that might
information that we, and our nato allies, have collected in defense of our country, and in support of military operations. >> but for the last several months, documents the whistle blower edward snowden leaked showed a global dragnet behind france and spain and it failed to become a major your issue in washington. the bugging of angela merkel's phone received attention because of the strategic implications of being caught. it worries a european delegation of parliament airians investigate ght the scale of the program. >> spying on friends, not just leaders, citizens. >> tuesday's hearing was about the u.s.'s domestic surveillance operations with james clapper and keith alexander key to restrict legislative changes to collect the phone call data of u.s. citizens. >> you are watching al jazeera newshour. still to come - mineral rich, but mired in chaos. the security crisis in the central african republic. and we visit a shelter for teenage mothers in kenya, who have been abandoned by their family. >> and miami heat celebrate their title and kick off the new season in style. joe will be here with
.s. ambassador to nato about whether the reaction is for their people or if it is personal. >> i don't think we should discount the personal feeling of violation that someone like chancellor merkel has. when she realizes it's her very own cell phone that she has in her hand that's being listened to. i can see that there is a personnelment to this and a genuine reaction, but from the establishments in european governments a lot of this is for public con zukauskus. the publics are upset so the government needs to show that they are upset. and it's also convenient for the government to his deflect everything towards blaming the united states rather than having anyone scrutinize what they do. >> let's zero in on chancellor merkel an al annal an ali. how much is going to need to be done for her to be satisfied? what has to happen? what left of the transparency -- does she want to know what do you have? toll at that time? >> i wouldn't say that each and every communication is asking for too much. probably not even achievable to regurgitate but i think what the germans want is an honest answer, what d
of its uprising, and there was nato support. my own sense is that that call was not a call for regime change in the way that was the case in iraq in 2003. it's important to think about the circumstances, at least initially, in which the call was made. a caller from ohio. i get tired of the united states and western nations being financially involved in their issues over there, when some of the oil-rich arab nations don't seem to be providing enough of their own help. the caller makes a good point, which is that it's clear from polls and other things that does notcan public have much appetite for sending significant financial resources to the middle east. frankly, nor are we in a position to continue to do that after having gone through our own domestic budget troubles. there is a fair question to be raised about whether or not the gulf countries can play more of providing thes of financial assistance necessary , and alsotransitions contributing more to the humanitarian efforts that are being undertaken on behalf of of syria. the gulf countries, with the exception of kuwait, have been
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9